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Trusted expertise for managing your race team’s risks – that is what CCR Motorsports Insurance is known for. Our mission is to reduce your financial and legal concerns with excellent products and an unbeatable team of customer-focused experts so that you can concentrate on what matters most – racing!

CCR’s team of experts has over 40 years of combined motorsports experience. We understand the threats you face and the insurance needs you have. Our priority is to provide excellent service and to find a solution that keeps you on track.



Commercial property and casualty coverage for race team operations. These coverages may include: 

  • Owners & Sponsors Liability
  • General Liability
  • Participant Accident Coverage
  • Spectator Liability
  • Physical Damage for Race Cars
  • Off Track & Storage 


The Named Insured, its staff and volunteers, as well as athletic participants, are covered under this program’s Participant Liability coverage. The insurance coverage covers lawsuits for personal injury, property loss, and the costs of fighting those claims in court. Participants in this program are also covered for accidents and medical expenses. -> MORE


There are specialty schools for people who want to learn how to master a particular form of driving, such as drag racing, stock car racing, monster trucks or road racing.  If you own a driving school, seeking the right insurance at the best price should be a top priority. Give us a call and we’ll help manage the risk by making sure everyone has the coverage needed.  


  • Commercial Property: This form of insurance is important for any company with physical assets since it protects you against financial losses resulting from property damage or loss due to hazard such as acts of nature, fire, theft and vandalism.  It will include both your physical structure and business personal property.
  • Workers’ Compensation: Injuries to employees can occur in any workplace. Workers compensation benefits will cover the employee’s medical costs as well as any missed wages if this occurs.
  • Commercial General Liability: This form of motorsports race team insurance exists to help offset the legal expenses in the event that third parties allege that they were physically harmed on your premises in circumstances where you might be held liable, or that your company was responsible for property damage. 
  • Commercial Auto:Offering insurance liability and physical damage for transporters, tractors, toterhomes, motorhomes and all other support vehicles that race teams utilize for their operations.
  • Off track and storage: The Off Course and Storage policy protects competition vehicles from physical damage losses caused by fire, theft, trailer upset, or extensive losses, as well as any other physical damage claims that could occur when the vehicle is not running under its own control.
  • Participant Accident: Although general liability coverage will likely cover claims for vehicle damage, claims for participant injuries and accidents will require this additional protection. Legal and mediation costs can be covered by these policies.


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